Here at Nourish Yourself Beauty and Wellness we are passionate about caring for YOU, by providing only the best natural ingredients that will support optimal skin health in conjunction with nurturing your mind, body and soul wellness.

We are also passionate about our role caring for our beautiful Mother Earth who provides essential therapeutic ingredients and the environment for us to live. This means we strive to be a brand that is as natural and sustainable as we can possibly be. We do this by mindfully and intentionally using compostable mailers for product delivery, pure organic ingredients and packaging our products in environmentally friendly, bio-degradable materials and glass bottles and jars.  

Purposefully, we also provide refill options to refill already purchased bottles and jars. The refill pouches contain 80% less plastic than replacements, reducing waste, reducing overall carbon emissions, and reducing our carbon footprint. 

We stand by placing value on the quality of your beauty and wellness and we stand by preserving the beauty and wellness of our Mother Earth.